“Back in May of 2022, the Greenwood area of Midland Texas was hit by baseball size hail. My roof on my newly purchased home was in complete shambles now! Broken boards under the tiles, deemed it unsafe for myself to go up on the roof. I contacted my insurance company and they put myself in touch with Streamline Roofing. Within 24 hours, I was contacted and a service representative had me set up for the roof inspection. A few days later, they were on site and did an inspection of the visible damage. A few weeks later, Streamline was on site, my roof was stripped, boards replaced, new ventilation system installed, a protective layer of high quality moisture barrier laid down and my new shingles installed!!! This company worked nonstop until the job was completely done and all debris were removed from site! My roof looks amazing, they worked with my Insurance company and I’m beyond grateful for my beautiful roof! Thank you Streamline for your hard work and dedication on my home!”