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Flat Roof System

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Your Personal Residential Roofers – Central Texas

As a longtime home or property owner, you deserve quality roofing and exterior results that you can be proud of. However, every home will eventually require a moderate amount of roofing maintenance. Well-maintained roofs tend to have longer lifespans and can save you roofing maintenance and roofing costs in the long term. At Streamline, we are your personal roofers; we understand how important your roof is to your home. That’s why we treat your roof like it is our own.

Does Your Roof Show Signs of Roof Damage?

The lifespan of your roof depends on a number of factors, such as its age, the materials used to build your roof, maintenance over the years, and any past hail, storm, or water damage. Below you’ll find examples of a damaged roof. If your home has been through a recent storm, let our expert team inspect your roof for damage that can weaken the integrity of your home.

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What Hail Damage Looks Like

Roof Hail Damage - Streamline Roofing, Texas

What Storm Damage Looks Like

Storm Damage

Signs You Might Need to Replace Your Roof – Texas

Severe recent storms with hail or high winds in your area

Missing, cracked, or torn shingles

Loose roofing material

Sagging roof


Water/moisture stains on your ceiling or on walls

Outside light shining in through the roof in your attic

Residential Roofing Services – Central Texas

Roof Inspections Near Me – Austin, Texas & More Locations

Our entire roofing process is centered around our customers. The first step involves a residential roof inspection: after we receive the initial information and learn a little more about what you are looking for, we will schedule a time to visit your property and inspect your roof. Throughout our roofing process, we take pride in educating our customers by helping them compare bids, including pictures within our explanations, and assisting customers with filing their claims. At Streamline, we value customer satisfaction and safety. We only ever suggest services our customers need, we never “upsell” for the sake of upselling.

Reroofing Your Home – Texas

Re-roofing is a process typically done for existing homes with no major water or other damages. It involves layering new roof shingles and/or other parts on top of your home’s existing roof shingles. Our complete reroofing services have yielded outstanding results and helped many of our customers revitalize their homes.

At Streamline Roofing, we pride ourselves on being experienced roofers who provide the best quality roofing solutions for new and longtime homeowners alike. Visit our projects gallery to learn more about some of our past roofing projects, or read more about why our customers recommend us. Streamline Roofing can help you determine the best solutions for your roofing needs during our initial inspection.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Being Texas locals, we understand Bexar County, Comal County, and Williamson County are counties with some rather unpredictable extreme weather patterns. This often causes homes within those neighborhoods to be more susceptible to storm damage, rain damage, and water leak damage. Streamline Roofing will give your roof damage an assessment, help you with your home warranty roof coverage, and find you the most cost-effective solutions for your damaged roof. Call and schedule a roofing inspection with us today.

Hail Damage Roof Inspection and Repair

Residents living in the Hays, Williamson, and Bexar (especially near San Antonio) counties are also prone to experiencing hailstorms. Even roofs built to weather the most fierce Texas hailstorms can still deteriorate without the proper maintenance. Streamline Roofing understands that the safety of your home and family are priceless. Book a roofing inspection with us today-we can help you determine whether your roof needs a reroof, a partial repair, or a new replacement altogether. Please click here to read more about the most popular types of residential roofing.

Roof Restoration

Regardless of which county you reside in, your roof may be in serious need of restoration. especially if your area is prone to seasonal rainstorms, hailstorms, and other types of extreme weather patterns. When it comes to the literal roof over your head, safety should be your top priority. Call and schedule a roofing inspection with us today.

Roof Replacement Near Me

If you do not know the age of your roof, it is a sign that it probably needs to be replaced, or at the very least, requires some maintenance. Different types of roofs can last longer than others-for example, a shingle roof, one of the most common residential roof types, can up to 18-20 years if maintained properly.

Because different homes are constructed with different roofing materials and within different neighborhoods, the average cost of roofing in Texas may not reflect our estimates for you. The best way to develop a plan for you – services and finances included – is to schedule a roofing inspection with us, where we will provide you with the full breakdown.

Examples of Damaged Roofs

Feel free to view our FAQ page for more information about identifying abnormalities on your roof.

Fiberglass can be seen

This means your roof is shot and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Roof Hail Damage - Streamline Roofing, Texas
Granules in your gutters

This means your roof has lost its integrity. It is time to replace your roof.

Granular Loss

Residential Roof Installation

We provide our customers with new roof installation services. We understand that everyone has different needs, financial situations, and homes with independent characteristics. At Streamline Roofing, we will always strive to find the right solutions for you, be it reroofing, restoration, or a new roof replacement. Revive your home, improve your comfort, and upgrade your overall lifestyle because there truly is no place like home. Book your roof inspection with us today!

Emergency Roof Inspection

As professional roofing contractors, we schedule our appointments around a time that works for you. If you are experiencing emergency issues with your roof, click here to reach out to our Emergency Roofing hotline.

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Roofing Maintenance Programs – Streamline Roofing

We offer an annual roof maintenance program for our residential and commercial customers across our local Texas communities, with up to 2 or 4 visits per year. The program will include a full inspection, including checking all roofing accessories, vents, and pipe jacks for rain, wind, hail, storm, and other types of damage that happen over time.

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Gutter Cleaning Services

As part of our residential roofing services and maintenance program, we will also inspect, unclog, and clean your gutters as necessary. Click here to read more about the significance of maintaining clean gutters and a well-maintained roof.

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