“Good morning Sergio I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we just went through some serious storms and my roof is so amazing, every time it rains I feel a sigh of relief, the best thing I’ve ever done was call you guys to come and replace my roof after a year of searching and getting estimates and getting the brush off with other roofing companies you guys replied and came over immediately and you immediately started replacing my roof. I had no idea it was physically possible for a company to come and replace a 3600 square-foot roof within less than two days. With the pictures and the email that you sent me once the job was completed I forwarded that email to my Allstate insurance company and they lowered my insurance premium by $600 a year so thank you for that. I will highly recommend you to anybody who ever needs their roof replaced or repaired with the most professional courtesy in the business and I have spoken to many roofing companies in the past and I am very grateful that we chose Streamline Roofing and your team did such a great job on our house, our house looks amazing please feel free to put pictures of the work your team did on our home to your website as my husband and I could not be more pleased.”